European Lighthouse of AI for Sustainability

ELIAS aims at establishing Europe as a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research that drives sustainable innovation and economic development.

We will create a Network of Excellence connecting researchers in academia with practitioners in the industry to differentiate Europe as a region where AI research builds towards a sustainable long-term future for our planet, contributes to a cohesive society, and respects individual preferences and rights.





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UC1: AI for Building Optimisation

Cost reduction by improving the energy consumption through smart control systems which requires both control algorithms and prediction of actual consumption based on historical patterns and metadata, such as meteorological intormation.

UC2: AI for Monitoring the Virtual Infrastructure

Identifying cyber-attacks targeting the microservices architecture in an unsupervised and robust manner as anomalies

UC3: Responsible, User-centric Advertising

Addressing the challenges of responsible use of AI in online advertising, where traditional optimisation metrics focus on click-through and conversation rates.

UC4: Mitigating misinformed migrant perception in EU

Supporting migrants, refugees and students’ counter-narrative ideation and definition, providing support in verifying information, access to reliable sources, and describing how fake news spreads in social media.

UC5: AI for Forecasting of Vegetation State

Studying AI-based predictions of the effects of climate extremes on ecosystems, which can then be translated into crop harvest, forest health and water balance forecasts.

UC6: Open Materials Discovery Project

Developing AI methods that can (1) predict the structure of new materials from unrelaxed structures (2) predict target properties from unrelaxed structures and ultimately to (3) identify the structure that optimises a target property.

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