European Lighthouse of AI for Sustainability

ELIAS aims at establishing Europe as a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research that drives sustainable innovation and economic development.
We will create a Network of Excellence connecting researchers in academia with practitioners in the industry to differentiate Europe as a region where AI research builds towards a sustainable long-term future for our planet, contributes to a cohesive society, and respects individual preferences and rights.
ELIAS builds on and expands the highly successful and internationally recognised European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS).


€ 11.030.575,00 
31 Partner organisations
17 EU Countries 
6 Use Cases
48 Deliverables 
48 months 


UC1: AI for Building Optimisation 
UC2: AI for Monitoring the Virtual Infrastructure 
UC3: Responsible, User-centric Advertising 
UC4: Mitigating misinformed migrant perception in EU 
UC5: AI for Forecasting of Vegetation State 
UC6: Open Materials Discovery Project 

More coming soon ..