ELIAS is a consortium of 34 top European institutions from 17 countries.

The members have been carefully selected to guarantee both an excellent scientific level as well as a broad and complementary expertise, which is essential to address our ambitious goals. The scientific excellence of the consortium is guaranteed by the leading position of the members in their respective fields, as measured by their international visibility and impact. The consortium is well- balanced in terms of country representation, with members from all over Europe.

Welcome to ELIAS, where we stand at the forefront of a pivotal moment in history, one characterised by monumental challenges such as climate change and the energy crisis. We firmly believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a tool, but a critical discipline that will empower us to confront and overcome these challenges. However, we also acknowledge the profound ethical and societal implications that AI development brings, which demand careful consideration.

At ELIAS, our mission is multi-faceted. We are committed to advancing fundamental research in AI to answer critical questions about how it can reduce computational costs, model the societal impacts of policy decisions, and affect individuals. Our approach entails a deep integration of academic research with industry-driven applications, forging a synergy that propels the field forward.

Moreover, ELIAS is pioneering the Sciencentrepreneurship track, designed to attract and empower individuals at the nexus of scientific innovation and business acumen. Our goal is to cultivate original AI solutions that contribute to a sustainable future for our planet, foster social cohesion, and uphold individual rights.

Our ultimate objective is to position Europe as a global leader in AI research, where environmental impact, societal relevance, and individual well-being are core considerations throughout development. We will gauge our success by key indicators, including the growth of cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary collaborations, industry-academic partnerships, impactful publications, patents, and the deployment of transformative technologies.

Our foundation is built upon the highly successful European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS), which has earned international recognition. In a nutshell, ELLIS provides the network within which researchers can form teams to apply for external funding for research, training, mobility, infrastructure, and policy work. Check out this page for an overview of these projects and learn more about the European Network of AI Excellence Centres (ELISE), the European Lighthouse on Secure and Safe AI (ELSA), and the Konrad Zuse School of Excellence in Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELIZA).

In ELIAS, we aim to refine and expand upon ELLIS’ excellence criteria while taking actionable steps to support AI researchers and emerging talents at all stages of their careers.

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