AI Excellence Lecture on Hybrid & Causal Machine learning in the Earth sciences


Abstract: Most problems in Earth sciences aim to do inferences about the system, where accurate predictions are just a tiny part of the whole problem. Inferences mean understanding variables relations, deriving models that are physically plausible, that are simple parsimonious, and mathematically tractable. While machine learning models excel as approximators, they often disregard fundamental physics […]

ELLIS Multimodal Learning Systems Workshop on Multimodal Foundation Models

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO) Schwarzwaldstraße 9-11, Oberwolfach-Walke, Germany

Theme Multimodal foundation models are a revolutionary class of AI models that provides impressive abilities to generate content (text, images, sound, videos, protein structures, and more), and do so by interactive prompts in a seemingly creative manner. These foundation models are often autoregressive, self-supervised, transformer-based models that are pre-trained on large volumes of data, typically […]

AI Excellence Lecture on Deep learning and Process Understanding for Data-Driven Earth System Science


Abstract: For a better understanding of the Earth system we need a stronger integration of observations and (mechanistic) models. Classical model-data integration approaches start with a model structure and try to estimate states or parameters via data assimilation and inverse modelling, respectively. Sometimes, several model structures are employed and evaluated, e.g. in Bayesian model averaging, […]

Joint ELIAS-ELISE Flagship Workshop

NH Collection Frankfurt Spin Tower Hotel Güterplatz 1, Frankfurt, Germany

Theme This workshop aims to initiate tangible actions supported by ELIAS and ELISE to empower the next generation of talent, establish foundational models, and foster startups. Key measures the projects seek to align on include an annual meeting on open source foundation models and sciencepreneurship, a European graduate project programme, a pan-EU incubation programme, and […]

AI Excellence Lecture on Learning manipulation skills from instructional videos


Abstract: People easily learn how to change a flat tire of a car or perform resuscitation by observing other people doing the same task, for example, in an instructional video. This involves advanced visual intelligence abilities such as interpreting sequences of human actions that manipulate objects to achieve a specific task. Currently, however, there is […]

CLAIRE X NoEs AQuA: Women in AI


The CLAIRE All Questions Answered (AQuA) Series continues with a collaborative online discussion involving the AI Networks of Excellence (NoEs) – this time featuring great Women in AI in the spotlight! Women account for less than 25% of AI specialists. Let’s shine a light on some of the excellent female researchers in the AI field, their successes, but also […]