ELIAS Consortium held a successful 3rd project meeting in Amsterdam

Mar 27, 2024 | News, Press Release

Amsterdam, Netherlands – March 20-21, 2024

The ELIAS Consortium achieved a significant milestone as it convened for its 3rd project meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Hosted by the University of Amsterdam, this gathering brought together project partners from various institutions to collaborate and drive forward initiatives shaping the future landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) with a special focus on sustainability.

Over the course of two days, the ELIAS Consortium engaged in impactful discussions and innovative deliberations, exploring key topics that ranged from advancing AI-driven design for sustainable systems to ensuring the trustworthiness and transparency of AI applications.

Among the highlights of the meeting were dynamic conversations focused on minimising energy consumption, fostering inclusive economic growth and democracy protection, and establishing robust frameworks for the ethical implementation of AI. These discussions underscored the collective commitment of the ELIAS Consortium to advancing the frontiers of AI research and fostering scientific excellence in Europe, with a strong emphasis on its potential for positive societal impact.

Prof. Dr Nicu Sebe, the Coordinator of the ELIAS project, remarked, “The 3rd project meeting of the ELIAS Consortium has been a resounding success, with vibrant exchanges of ideas and fruitful collaborations among our esteemed partners. We are excited about the innovative outcomes that have emerged from this assembly and look forward to further advancing our shared goals in the field of AI research for sustainability.

Yann Lecun (Meta)
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The ELIAS Consortium expresses its gratitude to the University of Amsterdam for hosting this pivotal gathering and extends appreciation to all participants for their valuable contributions.

For more information about the ELIAS Consortium and its initiatives, please visit http://www.elias-ai.eu/

Press Release: ELIAS 3rd Project Meeting – 27/03/2024